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Magnolia Tax Debt Attorney

Defense Tax Partners is a leading law firm specializing in legal tax cases. No matter how complicated you think your situation may seem, we can provide you with a top-notch Magnolia tax debt attorney that can dedicate their years of experience and expertise to helping you get the best out of your tax dilemma.

florida tax attorneyThe Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a strict institution that has a lot of ways to achieve its mandate, even if it takes penalizing taxpayers. So if you find yourself in conflict with them, it pays to get an expert who knows how they work. Let us be your partner in making sure you don’t end up with a bank levy or a badgering agent at your door.

We are specialists in settling tax debts with the IRS. So whether you plan to file for a currently not collectible status or apply for an installment agreement, we are here to make sure your application is polished to be successful.

The IRS is legally allowed to spend ten years (or more under some exemptions) to attempt to collect your debt. Also, the more time you let your debt hang around unfixed, the harder it is to pay them completely in the end. So it is best to not wait and get an expert by your side as soon as possible. For the best Magnolia tax debt attorney, call Defense Tax Partners immediately.

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Methods for Tax Debt Relief

Leaving your tax debt disorganized is always an unwise decision to make. The longer you wait before you fix it, the more interests and fees will accumulate, leaving you with much more dues than you originally had.

The good news is there are many ways through which you can fix your tax debt. With the right Magnolia tax debt attorney, you can have a much better chance of choosing the right option and seeing it through to success. Defense Tax Partners’s team of legal experts can provide every assistance you need to effectively file for the following tax debt relief methods.

“Currently Not Collectible” Status

A CNC or currently not collectible status can be filed by people who do not have any income, balance, or assets that can be used to pay for the tax debt. If we are able to argue to the IRS that your situation suits the definition, they will stop collecting your debt for a span of time. However, interests and penalties will still accrue on your account. You should also watch out for the IRS’ monitoring of your account. They may be able to change their decision once your financial situation improves adequately.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy will negatively affect your credit history, but it may give you relief from your tax debts. There are two main types of bankruptcy often used for this purpose: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 can get rid of a part of the entire tax debt on your account by liquidating dischargeable assets. This means that if the IRS deems that some of your properties are legally allowed to be used as payment for your debt, they will take them. On the other hand, declaring Chapter 13 bankruptcy makes you eligible to negotiate for a repayment plan with the IRS, making your debt payment process easier.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Spouses traditionally file their tax returns together. If separated couples have issues with taxes, like if an ex-spouse is involved in IRS penalties, debts, fees, and unpaid interests, the other spouse can file for an innocent spouse relief. Our lawyers can help you get your application filed and approved, as well as try other provisions related to joint tax returns, such as equitable tax relief and separation of liability relief.

Installment Plans

An installment plan assures that your debt repayment is made easier, commonly by spreading your dues across a span of time or relieving you of certain penalty fees. The IRS typically is in favor of this method because it guarantees payment, although it is somewhat modified. Defense Tax Partners’s legal team can help you successfully negotiate with the IRS an installment plan that heavily considers your interests.

“Offer in Compromise” Program

There are cases wherein the taxpayer is not financially capable even for an installment plan, does not have any assets adequate for a levy, and does not have a steady income whatsoever. In such a case, people often resort to the offer-in-compromise program. This involves paying the IRS an amount less than the debt but adequate and reasonable enough to make them forgive the rest of the dues.

IRS Tax Debt Attorney

If you want to have a successful attempt at resolving your tax debts, we are more than happy to be your legal aid. Our Magnolia tax debt attorney is fully capable of providing all the legal services you need, from helping you understand the best relief option you can take to representing you in front of the IRS.

tax settlement and tax levyThe procedure of applying for a tax debt relief program is not an easy process. You must be able to qualify for eligibility requirements, efficiently manage your records, or attend a lot of meetings with the IRS. For a much smoother flow, let us help you with every step of the process.

Defense Tax Partners offers more than just tax debt resolution. If you need legal help with the following issues, we are here to help.
1. Tax Preparation
2. Passport Reinstatement
3. Tax Resolution
4. Tax Lien Removal
7. Bank Levy Removal
8. Audit Representation
9. Wage Garnishment Removal
10. Innocent Spouse

Whatever problem you have with taxes, Defense Tax Partners has all the experience, expertise, and passion to help you achieve the best-case scenario. If it’s a federal case or a Magnolia state law situation, we are always ready to provide you with all the legal services you need to have a strong fighting chance.

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If you find yourself in a tax debt problem, the first thing you should do is contact a first-rate Magnolia tax debt attorney to help you solve your case. There are many ways to resolve your debt. And if you want to have a much better chance of success, it is best to get experts by your side. Let Defense Tax Partners be your tax debt company and gain control over your financial life in no time!

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