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Covington IRS Lawyer

Taxpayers should be meticulous and prompt in filing their tax returns and making their tax payments. Doing this will effectively avoid any trouble with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and prevent any penalty from being imposed. Unfortunately, this may be easier said than done for many.

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If you are now dealing with a dispute with the IRS due to events beyond your control or your limited knowledge of federal tax laws, work with Defense Tax Partners and let our expert Covington IRS lawyer help you out!

We offer a comprehensive legal service that aims to help you resolve any issue you have with the IRS or the Kentucky Department of Revenue. Our tax lawyers are knowledgeable and highly experienced in handling different types of tax conflicts, from the most simple legal concern to a more complex case of tax violations.

From reducing your current tax bill to settling your overall tax liabilities, our IRS lawyers can assist you with proper tax management and save you from both legal and financial troubles!

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Need Tax Help?

Failure to abide by every tax regulation will result in penalties and interests—a dent in finances no one wants. If you missed a tax payment, entered the wrong data in your return, filed your return late, or failed to file it at all, working with a Covington IRS lawyer is crucial in avoiding grave penalties.

At Defense Tax Partners, we can help you resolve your tax issues as early as possible. We will work efficiently to minimize the stress you may experience and prevent your case from progressing into a bigger problem.

With our thorough knowledge of how the IRS works, we can appropriately assist you with the following issues:

Non-Filing of Taxes

florida tax attorneyThe IRS can impose a maximum of 25% penalty on your monthly tax due if you fail to file your tax return. Or, if your unpaid tax is less than $205, a 100% penalty will be required. The IRS is also legally allowed to file a substitute return (SFR) on your behalf. Unfortunately, an SFR will usually give you a higher tax bill since the IRS won’t necessarily track down all your tax deductions and credits.

Our tax lawyers can negotiate for a lower or entirely waived penalty by demonstrating a reasonable cause. We can also request an audit reconsideration to contest the payable amount reported in the SFR. If, however, this fails and you won’t get a refund, we can still file for an Offer in Compromise to reduce your overall tax liabilities.

Unpaid Taxes

If you leave your unpaid tax unresolved, it can only accumulate interests and penalties that have the potential to exponentially increase for ten years. This is the allowable time for the IRS to continue its collection efforts. If, however, you won’t make payments within this period or enter into an agreement with the IRS, they are legally allowed to seize your assets as payment.

Depending on your situation, this can mean empty bank accounts, garnished wages, or your car being taken away. Fortunately, you can prevent all this by letting our IRS lawyer negotiate an installment plan for you. Ideally, this will give you six years to pay the IRS through manageable monthly payments.

Unsettled Tax Debts

The IRS is relentless in its collection efforts. As long as you still have tax debts, they won’t hesitate to take what they can before the 10-year statute of limitations is up. So if you don’t want your liabilities to end with tax liens or levies, let our IRS lawyer help you in attaining the maximum tax debt relief.

We can help evaluate your current status and determine the best program to apply for. Included in the tax debt relief options that the IRS offers are the following:

  1. Offer in Compromise
  2. Currently Not Collectible (CNC) Status
  3. Installment Agreements
  4. Innocent Spouse Relief
  5. Penalty Abatement

If, however, these don’t fit your situation, filing for bankruptcy may help you instead. Talk to us, and we can discuss all the pros and cons that come with a bankruptcy filing.

How Our IRS Lawyers can Assist You

Whether your concerns involve your individual income tax return or your business taxes, Defense Tax Partners can assign you to the best Covington IRS lawyer to resolve your case as efficiently as possible. We are here to handle all the intricate paperwork and to represent you during every IRS appointment—reducing your stress and letting you go about your daily activities while still having your issues resolved.

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Our legal services are not only available at reasonable rates but are also comprehensive, proactive, and properly personalized for every specific client. We can answer all your questions, minimize your penalties, and defend you against any tax violation accusation.

We can also legally assist you with the following:

  1. Tax Preparation
  2. Tax Lien Removal
  3. Tax Resolution
  4. Audit Representation
  5. Bank Levy Removal
  6. Penalty Abatement
  7. Wage Garnishment Removal
  8. Innocent Spouse Relief
  9. Passport Reinstatement

Additionally, we can also provide you with continuous legal assistance so you can avoid any type of dispute with the IRS in the future!

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

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Tax issues are legal concerns that could lead to financial difficulty. If you truly want to preserve your financial stability and avoid imprisonment due to tax violations, don’t deal with the IRS without an expert lawyer’s help. Even better, fulfill your tax obligations with a tax expert beside you and prevent any conflict from arising in the first place.

Are you filing your tax return? Preparing for a tax audit? Looking for a favorable tax settlement? Discuss your options with our IRS lawyers today!

Call Defense Tax Partners at (502) 251-9518 for your Free Consultation with a Covington IRS Lawyer!